From “My Way” to “Hamsafar”

From “My Way” to “Hamsafar”: By Two Legendary World Pop-Classic Singers

Written & Translated by: Ravi

Source: Boloughe Setareh Blog

For Farsi version visit:

Sasan Kamali, a Persian veteran national radio and television presenter/ producer, in his recent oral memoir says: “Once with a couple of colleagues we were sitting at a café near one of the radio studios, when I heard a new singer recording a song. His velvety and warm voice and his powerful deliverance reminded me of Frank Sinatra. There and then I told my friends that the Frank Sinatra of Iran has been discovered!

When I met the singer, I found him very charming, handsome and meanwhile very humble. Meeting him in person reaffirmed my thoughts of him being soon a great success story.  After all these years, Sattar hasn’t changed in manners, he’s maintained himself well and he is still charming.”

Having said the above there are indeed several similarities and mutual points  between Sinatra and Sattar. Let us now begin this comparison first by having a quick look at the definition of Signature Songs.


A signature song is the one song a singer is most closely identified with or best known for, even if they have had success with a variety of songs. Signature songs can be the result of spontaneous public identification and large number of requests for its performance and play.

In many of Sattar’s concerts, the audience impatiently request Sattar’s signature song and he often replies, “Don’t worry, ending a concert without singing my signature song is like writing you a cheque with no signature on it! Rest assured that I wouldn’t leave till it is done.” The song “Hamsafar” literally meaning ‘Travel Mate’ is Sattar’s signature song. A melody by: Torja Shabankhani; Lyrics: Saied Tabibi and Arranged by: Eric, which became a great hit in Iran and eventually made Sattar not only famous in Iran but also all over the Middle East.
Frank Sinatra, Singer / Actor (1915 – 1998) is with no doubt the greatest phenomenon of America’s Pop-Classic music. However he has well over 500 songs in his records, he is best remembered for his song “My Way” which is considered his signature song.

‘My Way’ was originally composed by two French songwriters, Jacques Revaux and Claude Francois in 1967 but it was in December 1968, when Paul Anka remade that song for Sinatra with different lyrics in English. Sinatra recorded that song in 1969 and it became a sudden hit all over the world claiming the UK and  US charts.

However, ‘My Way’ of Frank Sinatra and ‘Hamsafar’ of Sattar are not that similar in their poetic language but both hold some mutual features:

1-     By faith, both songs are portraying some parts of the singers’ real life;

2-     Both songs are talking about tedious efforts, persistency, and moving forward;

3-     Both songs are about a journey through which the singers have experienced many ups and downs but despite of all they kept going.

The other mutual features of these two outstanding vocal artists are their powerful voice, unique vibratos and their excellent pronunciations.

As for their , what we can mark here is that there are some similarities in their vocal cords adjustment techniques, especially when they melodically change their pitch and tones to deliver high and low notes.

View their similar vibrato deliverances, particularly during the endings of their signature songs here:

Sattar’ s  Signature Song, ‘Hamsafar’ Live!:

Sinatra’s Signature Song, ‘My Way’ Live!:

Furthermore, both vocal artists were in many occasions honored internationally.

And both contributed to their nation and charity events and were privileged to perform before many State officials.


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