Sattar’s Classical Masterpiece, is released!

Elaheye Naaz (Coquetry Goddess) is out now!
Elaehye naaz flyer

Link to Listen:

Lyrics in English Translation:
O Coquetry Goddess
tolerate with my heart / agree with my heart
may this piteous/doleful grief …
leave my side
if my heart didn’t rest
It was because of your sin
come till I forgive you
I give my helper hand to you
come till I forget my grief with prayer
If your rage’s arrow doesn’t aim my heart…
(I swear) by God, that I’d fly to you like a vivacious bird
Who can depends his heart on your grief like me(who is he?)?
this your demur/coquetry (more than it) is for what?
You are Coquetry Goddess
sit in my banquet
I’m faithful to you
These unfaithfulness don’t have any effect
(I swear) by God that If you don’t inquire after me, you won’t find me(any effect of me)